Does the holidays harm your business?
Yes, holidays always do
No, I was prepared for that
Any both forms
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Target goals


During an exclusive interview to Top Team, the president of Biogen Idec Brazil, Wellington Briques, revealed the next strategies of the company and said that Biogen will invest U$ 22 million over the next five years aiming at earning U$ 55 million by selling just two medicines.



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Professional Profile

Ideroni Alves, da from Inaladores

Vagner Castilho Silveira, from Biolab Farma

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Ping Pong

Five topics to Fábio Luis Ikuno from Basf, including modern equipment


Executive Life

Appropriate Communication
How to compete with creativity and innovation? That’s what the Human Resources consultant, Maria Inês Felippe, tells us.



Up Grade

Novartis introduces new manager
Luiz Borges takes on pharmexx Brazil management
Tatiana Ishida goes to Shire
Marcelo Andrade takes on Galderma directorate
Bayer creates new board of directors



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Evaluate your career

If you retired today, would you feel entirely satisfied with you work path? The way you’ve led your professional life so far has brought you the results you expected? You can’t miss the article “Let your talent shine”.


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Cultural Hints

Culture Hints from Brazil.





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