"Diabetes in Brazil: An emerging market as well!"

During an exclusive interview to Top Team, Marcus Miranda, the marketing manager at Roche, states that the diabetes market in Brazil is "still not as mature as in the USA or Europe". The executive, however, believes that this sector has evolved significantly, mainly because more and more people are concerned about their own health and getting to know better the complications of diabetes". Follow the main parts of the interview.

Ping Pong

Executive motivation

Which factors do really motivate executives? A survey carried out by Catho with over 1,300 professionals reveals that the list, which is ranked in order of importance, is headed by the "possibilities of ongoing learning" and followed by "proposed challenges". Fabio Médici, the present Sales Manager - Key Account/ Distribution, perfectly fits this scenario. Last year the executive shifted Roche to Siemens, switching even the segment: from pharmaceutical to diagnostics.

Diagnostics x Pharmaceuticals

"Within the diagnostics sector it is harder to keep the contract with a certain client than to do business, mainly because it is not a kind of business that approaches price/needs/competition analysis. There is, indeed, technical assistance and scientific advisory services which may determine success in negotiation", analyzes the executive. According to Médici, there are some differences between these two segments, mainly when it comes to relationship with physicians, data sharing and information. "In the pharmaceutical segment, although several companies work on advisory basis with medical detailing and stakeholders, there is still a number of companies based on mass information without taking market share into account, CRM tools and deals closed every visit. When it comes to diagnostics, however, the sales rep works also as a lab consultant or we may lose the contract", he compares.

The best sector

However, what if all the features of the diagnostics sector make it perform better than the pharmaceutical? The executive replies: "I wouldn´t say better. Nevertheless, I can say that the diagnostics sector allows taking important decisions faster. Several deals are decided on the spot and for a manager such pace demands good planning, technical and economical feasibility analysis, besides comprehensive understanding of competition". "It doesn´t mean that the pharmaceutical sector does not need it, but the prescribing process requires frequency/sequence work that fits the needs identification, solution, objections and closing deals unique steps. In some cases, such steps are accomplished after the third medical detailing visit. In diagnostics, it is common to have the whole cycle completed in one week", He wraps up.

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