Cristália hires Odilon Costa
Odilon José da Costa Filho, ex-UCI-Farma, Enila and Synthelabo, is the newest director of New Business at Cristália Laboratory in Brazil. Majored in Business Administration from Escola Superior de Administração e Negócios, the executive holds specialization in Marketing from Fundação Getúlio Vargas.

Novartis has new director
Glaucia Vespa, ex-Fiocruz and GlaxoSmithKline, is the newest director of Vaccine Division at Novartis in Brazil. She has PhD in Immunology and wide knowledge in medical, regulatory, marketing, research and development areas.

Novo Nordisk introduces manager
Fábio Futema, ex-Abbott and Schering-Plough, is the newest marketing manager of Diabetes Unit at Novo Nordisk in Brazil. The executive has already worked in sales productivity and market intelligence in the same company, where he gathered international experience in countries like Switzerland, China, Taiwan and Argentina.

Wyeth promotes changes
In Chile, Cláudio Vilela is the newest CFO of Wyeth. The executive worked for three years in the Brazilian branch as a financial planning manager, controller and finance director. In Brazil, Juan Guillermo, who worked at Wyeth Colombia, took on the finance directorate.

Unimed hires superintendent
Antônio Silvio Amaral Costa is the newest superintendent of Unimed Paulistana Own Resources in Brazil, which include Unimed Santa Helena Hospital (HUSH), the Preventive MedicineCenter and the Support and Procedure Centers (CPAs).

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