"The human being is innovative"

The ceremony counted on a virtual puppet able to interact with the presenter and to talk to the audience about several topics with no delay, besides several other surprising moments.

By making use of such technology, Grupemef left the following message to those who participated in the Lupa de Ouro award 2010, which took place in November, at Via Funchal, in São Paulo: "The human being is innovative".

The event, which was sponsored by big companies, like pharmexx Brazil, awarded 26 professionals and companies that developed the best projects, campaigns and ads.

"It is about a unique event, which values and motivates the professionals of the pharmaceutical industry. Congratulations to Grupemef once again", stated Cássio Rossetti, director-president of pharmexx Brazil.

Pharmexx Brazil projects were nominated to Lupa award


Two projects which were in the finals of Lupa de Ouro 2010 had their ad campaigns managed by pharmexx Brazil. Sédatif PC, launched in Brazil by Boiron, in 2009, stood out in the "MIP Launch - Other Media" category, after the presentation of Ricardo Ferreira and Carolina Cipolla. Moreover, the Trimedal project, by Novartis OTC, through Michele Rudnik and Vivian Marinheiro, ranked an outstanding position in the "Other Classes" category.




The biggest winner of the night was Sanofi-Aventis, which won three Lupas and stood out in the following categories - Sustainability, Line Extension - MIP and Generic. In the second position, with two Lupas each, came Bayer, Bristol, Eurofarma, Janssen-Cilag, Pfizer and Zambon. Check out below the ranking:


Lupa de Ouro 2010 Ranking


With 03 Lupas

With 02 Lupas

With 01 Lupa
Johnson & Johnson

Vip Room


Top Team was in the VIP room of Lupa de Ouro 2010 and talked to some executives. Check out their opinion about the award:

"Lupa de Ouro is already a reference within the pharmaceutical industry. It is about a special night, in which we can meet old friends and check the best works". Klaus Larsen, Sandoz director.

"I came from Portugal to this award, which is very important to the Brazilian professionals who work in the pharmaceutical industry. I am sure that it will be a great event". Herminio Tavares, director of Celesio.

"It is about a crucial event. Besides valuing professionals it also reinforces that marketing and sales can work together." Argentino Fernandes, sales national manager - Bausch & Lomb Pharmaceuticals.

Lupa de Ouro (Golden Lens) award

pharmexx Brasil team

Via Funchal

Herminio Tavares (Celesio) and Sérgio Ricardo Cunha (Aché)

Antonia Rodrigues and Sônia Orestes, Grupemef CEO

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