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During an exclusive interview to Top Team, Renis Gabriel Filho, the CEO at Safilo Brazil, states that the action of the company in the country represents over 60% of the total amount of sales in Latin America and defends: Brazil has been at the leading edge and has become a powerful nation".

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International recognition
Over the last years Brazil has been fighting child malnutrition by providing several studies and internationally recognized projects. A survey of the food and nutritional surveillance system of the Ministry of Health, disclosed in 2010, reveals, for instance, that in Brazil the average of children aged 0 to five who suffers from extreme malnutrition has decelerated to nearly 62% from 2003 to 2008.

Implemented Policies
Most of such deceleration has been achieved mainly due to initiatives like the one taken by the National Food and Nutrition Policy (NFNP), which focus on promoting balanced diet. The NFPN has existed for ten years, focusing mainly on the child nutrition monitoring. At the moment over four million are benefitted.

Strategic Country
This positive scenario encourages companies to invest in the expansion of nutritional products. Mead Johnson Nutrition, which owns Sustagen brand - the leading nutritional supplement having 64% of the market share - inaugurated a plant in São Bernardo do Campo (SP) last year, the first independent industrial unit in Latin America. "Brazil is one of the priorities of the company. The inauguration of the factory was crucial to boost business in Brazil, which became more important after de the dismemberment of Bristol-Myers Squibb", states Tatiana de Lucca, product manager of Mead Johnson Nutrition. "For 2011, we are aware of the market opportunities like, for instance, investing in new categories and segments focused on infant and children´s nutrition through Sustagen brand", wraps up Tatiana.

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