Sales Training Manager at Merck Sharp, Marco Antonio Petucco

The sales team is the responsible for creating all the marketing strategy, and the manager is the mirror of the whole team. He basically performs several activities simultaneously - as a trainer, sales rep, operational manager and sales manager - and aims at increasing sales through his and everybody's work. He must have a wide view and be able to change his contribution into something fundamental in order to obtain results. Undoubtedely, He must act like a facilitator, a person ready to break barriers that may harm the group results, so that everyone can see him as someone able to help achieve the results expected.

Majored in Sales Administration and with several courses concerning Marketing, HR and Training & Development, like HR Management and Knowledge Management, Marco Antonio Petucco has been in charge of sales training for twelve years at Merck Sharp - a company that was set up twenty-eight years ago - as a sales rep, and then as training coordinator, sales management coordinator and sales district manager. His huge experience makes him able to talk about key factors for the development of professionals.

Key factor
Being able to do what must be done with integrity and ethics.

Essential factor
It is essential to do what you are willing to with emotion and dedication. It is essential to have dedication, competence, attention to details, care with people. It is essential to consider loyalty, ethics, values.

What to highlight
It is crucial to know that working without motivation is the worst thing it could happen. Such motivation must be the consequence of believing in what you do, why you do it, who you do it for, and, mainly, if what you do is according to the way you live. Working joyfully is crucial to be happy.

What to worry about
About self-development. Do not expect someone else to take care of your career, this is your business.

The biggest challenge
The biggest challenge is to work unhappy. Everything is possible. It is up to you.

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