Fábio Rosito, widely experienced in the pharmaceutical industry, has worked in Germany and at the moment he is the director of Schering-Plough. He talks about the importance of the medical contribution to marketing.

About the benefits offered by the relationship between Physicians & Marketing in Laboratories
By putting together knowledge, vision and perception in a productively and accurately way, winning synergy of the promotional approaches may be generated for the implementation of action plans and activities. Besides, the role of the physicians is relevant regarding the structure and implementation of the so called Continuous Educational Programs, as well as approaching, planning, creation, expansion and enhancement of opinion makers' network and counselors.

Results achievement
Opportunities are maximized by team work as a result of the diversity of vision, perception and expertise. There is a great increase in the implementation range of well applied actions that end up becoming results, achievement, targets, quality actions through ethics and elegance.

Value Added products
It is important to highlight the crucial role of the physicians towards marketing concerning sales qualification either directly or in partnership with training areas. The sales reps´ confidence reflects on better communication with physicians, complete approach of the promotional materials and, consequently, maximization of the opportunities for the products.

Managing diverging interfaces
It is really important for the physician who acts in this area to have wide vision and to know his role, as well as the scope and the width of activities under their responsibility, which is popularly known as "to have the profile".
Within the physician-marketing interface there must be clear objectives, transparency, honesty, team work and finally, maturity to understand and manage conflicts in order to make them become opportunities for diverse points of view.

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