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it depends on the product.
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“Who uses MAM becomes loyal to our products”

As soon as he heard the bell ringing, Jorge Pasquotto, the general manager at MAM, came down to the reception desk of the company, which is located in São Paulo, introduced himself to the Top Team group and guided us up to his room.
There, the executive who loves reading ‘The Agenda’, by Michael Hammer, and ‘Management production’ by Joseph G Monks, analyzed MAM concentration all over the world and discussed about the acceptance of the company’s products worldwide and said that MAM will soon introduce something new to the Brazilian market. ‘Our team has developed safe and useful products for the baby oral care. Probably, we will launch it by the second semester of the current year.’ Follow below the main parts of the exclusive interview to
Top Team.

Top Team: What is the MAM concentration all over the world?
Jorge Pasquotto: MAM was founded in 1976, in Austria, more precisely in Viena, where its head Office is located. The company gradually grew and now it works in all the five continents. We trade our products in more than thirty countries, such as Greece, Japan, China, the United States, where we have been leading mainly with the pacifiers. In 2006 we came to Israel and we spread to the Far East.

Top Team: How have the products been accpeted?
Jorge Pasquotto: In Brazil as well as in other parts of the world the products have been totally accepted. Our SAC, for instance, hardly gets complaints. We usually receive doubts and provide information. This kind of service is highly active and it focus on solving the consumer’s problems in order to make everyone satisfied. Who uses MAM becomes loyal to our products.

Top Team: Concerning the mothers, can you say the physician plays an important role?
Jorge Pasquotto: Absolutely. When the physician receives new information, for instance, on our toothbrush or our glove that can be used to clean the baby’s mouth, he can let the mother aware of it besides recommending how to use the product. For example, if the physician guides the mother on how to use the products correctly, she will use them confidently. Therefore, keeping in contact with the physician is really crucial to us.

Top Team: Why such difference of almost a year between Brazil and the USA?
Jorge Pasquotto: At first, we had a market study to analyze if the Brazilian consumer would be ready to receive Ulivent launch. After that, we worked hard on the adaptation of the package to the Brazilian market. Meanwhile, other issues were discussed, such as importation, price, administrative matters and marketing plans.

Top Team: In Brazil 3.3 million babies are Born annualy. What does MAM expect for this market in 2007?
Jorge Pasquotto: We have been optimistic with the Brazilian market. In 2007, we intend to consolidate our participation in the premium segment, which is composed by sophisticated products. The Brazilian market is always highly attractive. Couples have had fewer children and have definetely changed quantity by quality. Parents nowadays spoil their babies and offer their best to them. MAM meets such demand as it has a high skilled team of professionals who always develop high quality products. Soon, we will disclose a new launch maybe by the end of 2007.

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