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Does a workaholic produce more?

In our last edition, Top Team published an article on workaholic people, which drew the attention of most executives from the pharmaceutical industry. Readers from all over Brazil contacted our department in order to request further information related to the topic like, for instance, if the workaholic tends to produce more.

We talked to Carlos Hilsdorf, member of the Quality of Life Association and author of the book “ Winning Attitudes”. According to Mr. Hilsdorf, there are two kinds of workaholics: ‘The first one produces more than expected. We can see, for instance, Leonardo da Vinci, who developed a huge amount of paintings, scraps and studies.´, he explains.

On the other hand, the second type of workaholic tends to produce more just for a certain period of time. ´As his vitality is consumed by the excess, the executive produces each day less. One alternative is to adopt the creative idleness. We need free time and relaxation to have an effective productivity.´, adds Hilsdorf, who has already delivered lectures in several companies of the health segment, such as AmBev, Nestlé and Unilever





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