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Brazil - the window shop of the world

Taking into consideration that Brazil is one of the most attractive pharmaceutical markets and with the highest growth potential in the world, higher than Europe, whose annual evolution is around 0.4% against the average evolution expectancy of the Brazilian market by 8.4% a year until 2013, Celesio, the biggest European medicines wholesaler, acquired a major stake of the biggest pharmaceutical products wholesaler of the country - Panpharma from Goiás - as a strategy for expansion and development.
The distribution sector of pharmaceutical products has been through a process of changes and offers growth and expansion opportunities for companies.

Ping Pong

Over the last decades medical detailing has been through several changes. The pharmaceutical industry has demanded higher qualification and better performance of the sales reps, and that's where the Effectiveness area stands out, as it is in charge of consolidating information to Sales Force, as well as integrating Marketing, medical area and training. This is what the Oncology Manager Products, Eduardo Alonso, stated. Check it out.

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