South americanConference on CVA and Neurointensivism
Date: December 05
Place: Research and Education Institute - Hospital Sírio-Libanês, in São Paulo.
Telephone: 55 (11) 3155-0900
Site: http://www.hospitalsiriolibanes


VIII Brazilian Congress of Obesity Surgery  
Date: December 05
Place: Pestana Bahia Hotel, in Salvador.
Telephone: 55 (71) 2104-3477


Neurotrauma - RJ
Date: December 07
Place: Hotel Windsor Barra, in Rio de Janeiro.
Telephone: 55 (21) 2234.1190



Brazilian Society of Diabetes
Address: Rua Afonso Brás, 579, salas 72/74.
City: São Paulo
Country: Brazil
Zip Code: 04511-011
Tel: 55 (11) 3846-0729.

Brazilian Society of Neurosurgery
Address: Rua Abílio Soares, 233 - Cj. 143
City: São Paulo
County: Brazil
Zip Code: 04005-001.
Tel: 55 (11) 3051-6075 / 3051-7157.

Brazilian Society of Pediatrics
Address: Rua Santa Clara 292
City: Rio de Janeiro
Country: Brazil
Zip Code: 22041-000
Tel: 55 (21) 2548-1999.



Dreams are just like gods, if you don´t believe in them, they no longer exist.
(Antônio Cícero)


Your dreams fit you!
(César de Souza)


What do you expect for the pharmaceutical industry in 2007?



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From Brazil to the world

Carlos Aguiar, manager of relationship between professionals and consumers from Johnson & Johnson, used the right tool to make Johnson Baby´s project the world benchmarking for J&J group. Besides, he has conquered outstanding numbers with Oral Care project. Motivated by such results, the executive introduces Johnson & Johnson´s goals for 2007 to Top Team.  





Michel Conte,                          Alexandre Daniel
Diversified Products               Bizetti, Sales Force
Manager of Pfizer                    Effectiveness of
                                                   Merck Sharp & Dohme


Golden Magnifying Glass 2006

Everything is ready for the pharmaceutical industry Oscar.


Wide modifications

The President of the National Pharmaceutical Laboratories Association, Carlos Alexandre Geyer,  when interviewed by Top Team,  stated that there is no balanced market when a company lies at the cutting edge of public policies. Click on it and figure it out.




Bayer changes management in Brazil
Victor Mezei goes into Wyeth
Phibro Animal Health
has a new manager
Global Care hires executive director
Marcos Bicudo
takes the presidency
• Changes in the operational mangement at
Rossetti Mk Sales Reps


The Reader's Place
Very professional!
Georg Nagl, General Manager of Pharmexx GmbH.

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