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A more explicit support to generics

After earning a global revenue of US$ 1.796 billion, the English Shire pharmaceuticals settled in the Brazilian market and intends to invest nearly US$ 20 million. During an exclusive interview to Top Team, the president of the company in Brazil, Roberto Marques, announced the launch of some products and reveals which strategies he intends to use. Click on it and check it out.

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Professional Profile

André Hisao Muranaka

Market Research Manager at Roche


Júlio Cesar Ruiz

Marketing Analist at Boehringer Ingelheim


The pharmaceutical award


Lupa de Ouro Award, which will take place on November 30, will have news and intends to surprise everyone.

Click on it and check it out

A better place to live in


In the article sent to Top Team, the consultant Tom Coelho states that small actions are the source of transformation.






Ping Pong

Five themes to Ana Carolina Gomiero, the Galderma Acne franchise manager





Up Grade

Unilever will change their president

Shire introduces new marketing manager

Solvay invests in sales directorate

pharmexx Brazil has new manager

Bayer has new business manager







Culture Hints


Culture Hints from Brazil



“Top Team is a wonderful tool as it enables us get in touch with the pharmaceutical world as well as develop our work better. Thanks a lot!”. Celso Oliveira from Oncoclin – Oncology Clinic.