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The physician is one of our main channels of communication

Mara Pezzotti, Marketing and Sales Director at Weleda, speaks about the company strategies, present in Brazil since 1959 in the main pharmacy chains , counting with 14 pharmacies in several cities all over Brazil and with an eye on the expanding Brazilian market.

Highly experienced in marketing strategies, this Professional started working in the planning department and customer services at an advertising agency. Then, she worked for five years in the Marketing department at Kimberly Clark and 11 in the same area at Unilever. Working for three years at Weleda, Mara explains that "the medical detailing is the first step towards the market as the physician is an opinion maker. Both our drugs and our cosmetics own therapeutic features."

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Sales reps in environmental action
Director of the Social and Environmental department at Pharmexx Brazil, Angélica Leone Rossetti, talks about the initiative that invests in the carbon emission compensation Program.

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