Professional Profile

Dario Baldini, Regional Manager at Nycomed


Dario Baldini, 46 years old, majored in Business Administration from ESAN -Postgraduate in Finance from FGV and MBA in Business Management from USP.
He started his professional life in the pharmaceutical industry in 1986 at Aché Laboratory, worked at Pfizer Laboratory from 1993 to 2000, and since 2000 has been at Nycomed, where he currently works as a Regional Manager.

BOOK: The Da Vinci Code


HOBBY: parachuting


A QUOTATION: "The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary"

AN IDOL: Ayrton Senna

CURRENT CHALLENGE: "Enable my team to work with excellence in order to reach the company's goal"

FUTURE CHALLENGE: "See a Regional that provides better results than expected in 2010".


Luiz Carlos Uyeda, District Manager at União Quimica


Luiz Carlos Uyeda is majored in Marketing Management, started his professional career in 1988 as a sales rep at laboratories like Zambom, Astra Zeneca and Organon, where he became a District Manager.
In 2007, at União Quimica, he participated in the set up of GENOM PAIN / SNC Line, where he acted as a Regional Manager for PAIN/SNC AND OFTALMOLOGY Lines.

BOOK: THE SHACK by William P. Young.


HOBBY: Travelling and Automobilism

CITY TO VISIT: "With my wife, Paris. With my family, Natal and Fortaleza".

A QUOTATION: "The market is not a battle of products, but a battle of Perception" (Al Ries)

AN IDOL: Ayrton Senna

CURRENT CHALLENGE: "Consolidate Genom as an important brand in the segments it acts. Be a leader, help and develop people, and finally try to be a better human being".

FUTURE CHALLENGE: "See Genom consolidated among the main brands in the segments it acts. Be recognized as a father, a professional, husband, friend and successful professional."

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