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“ The Industry of Generic is not Copy ”
Daniel Feliciano

Interview with Daniel Feliciano
International director of the EMS – Sigma Pharma

“The partnership between EMS Group – Sigma Pharma and Monte Research company has been one of the main issues approached by the news through the major media. It couldn’t be different: the investment will come to seven million euros. Such technical and scientific agreement amplifies EMS – Sigma Pharma participation in the European market and still offer to Brazilians the chance of getting in touch with new and sophisticated medicine.”

REPRESENTATIVES: Is that possible?

Rogério Scattolini
, Business Manager at Helpmed.

Márcia Cristina Castelo
, Marketing Manager
Sara Lee.

Partnership makes dreams come true.

Throughout two years, Rent Power e Rossetti Mkt has supported União Arte Cultural (Unarc), who work with teenagers in need from 14 to 21 years old and contribute to integrate such youngs in society.

The sales reps and their promotional materials, souvenirs and samples can be considered highly interactive audiovisual media.
What can we do to make it even more creative so that its efficacy can be increased?
By Cassio Rossetti


• Alvarenga goes to Abbott
• New commercial management
• Zambon Pharmaceuticals hire
• Wyeth has a new manager
• Crupi president
• Novo Nordisk promotes changes

Informative bulletin with articles on new administrative, commercial tools and of marketing.

Sent to the executives of the segment of the Health in Brazil and the Exterior.

Writing director:             Cássio F Rossetti

Publisher:                       Rodrigo Capella

Copyright  © 2006  All rights reserved to the Rent Power and Rossetti Mk

Universitarian Pharmacies National Meeting
Date: from August 21 to 23, 2006.
Place: Rio de Janeiro - RJ
Main theme: The role of  Universitarian Pharmacies in Pharmacy Teaching
Information: (21) 2562-6621 / 6625

Workshop Febrafarma Group/FIP: Pharmaceutical
Manufacturing Science & Practice
Date: from August 24 to 25, 2006
Place: São Paulo – SP.
Main theme: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Science & Practice for the 21 Century
Information: (11) 3046 9292

World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Date: from August 25 to 31, 2006
Place: Salvador - BA
Information: (61) 2106-6541

Brazilian Association of Generic Medicines Industry
Address: Rua Alvorada, 1280.
City: São Paulo - SP
Zip code: 04550-004.
Telephone: (11) 3897-9767.

The Brazilian Pharmaceutical Industry Federation (Febrafarma)
Address: Rua Alvorada 1280 (head office in São Paulo)
City: São Paulo – SP
Zip Code: 04550-004.
Telephone: (11) 3046 9292.

National Association of Pharmaceutical Laboratories
Address: Rua Sansão Alves dos Santos, n° 433 - 8° floor.
City: São Paulo - SP
Zip Code: 04571-090
Telephone: (11) 5506-8522

Do you eat correctly?

In the winter the human being tends to drink less liquid, which contributes to skin dehydration. Besides, cold and flu are quite usual in this period. In order to avoid such “surprises”, the nutritionist Tatiana Varandas, Quality auditor at Rent Power & Rossetti Mkt, recommends drinking tea, water, juice and vitamin C fruit, like orange and acerola

The nutritionist also highlights that our body needs a higher quantity of foods throughout this season. ´We need more energy so that the body temperature stands around 37 degrees Celsius.´ She states that pea, onion and grão de bico soups are great options.

However, you might be asking: ´so, which foods must be avoided?´ Tatiana Varandas answers: ´artificial juices, sweets, fried food and chocolate.´

Notebook: What´s the best way to take care of the battery?

Should I take the battery off the computer to store fully charged or mostly run down? When am I supposed to recharge the battery? In order to clarify such doubts, Top Team talked to Emerson Alecrim, the owner of Infowester, one of the most respected sites on Computer, which is visited by 11 thousand people daily.

Read his recommendations below:

Take the battery off the computer when not using it for long periods of time, like one week.

Exposing the battery to heat may harm it.

Recharge the battery once when it is running down.

In case of unplugging the battery off the outlet let it run until it is fully drained.

Avoid removing the battery too often in order to extend the battery life.

Do you eat correctly?

Has Anvisa strike somehow spoiled your business?

I didn´t know it was on strike.


“Experience is one thing you can’t get for nothing”

Oscar Wilde

“Regret means not learning out of mistakes.”

Renato Russo