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"Living is drawing without having an eraser"
(Millor Fernandes)


"Appraisals are where you get together with your team leader and agree what an outstanding member of the team you are, how much your contribution has been valued, what massive potential you have and, in recognition of all this, would you mind having your salary halved".
(Theodore Roosevelt)

What do you expect for the pharmaceutical industry in 2007?






resultado parcial...


" Nover the last six months we gained 5% of the market share "

Marcelus Luiz Siqueira
Commercial manager da Support


Crowded halls, busy meeting rooms and plans being shown all the time. That was the atmosphere at Support head office in São Paulo, when Top Team group interviwed  Marcelus Luiz Siqueira, the commercial manager of the company. ‘Movement here is intense. We have worked hard’, said the executive.


For almost an hour Siqueira introduced the new strategies used by the company, which enabled an increase in demand and an expressive market share gain. ‘We promoted two changes. A method of work and an organizational one’, summarizes the executive, highly experienced in marketing, products and sales management. Read the main extracts of the interview: 


Top Team:  Throughout this year Support children´s nourishment has passed through a huge transformation. Which strategies have been used?


Marcelus Luiz Siqueira: Such line has passed through two changes: an organizational one and a new method of work. We sharpened the physician representative, introduced a more appropriate methodology from the promotional point of view and we started to use promotional material with better layout. Besides, we readpted our distribution of products and its range. 


Top Team: By focusing on the physician representative teams, what were the main changes?


Siqueira: We have worked based on a continuous improvement process, by sharpening the team´s technical training, offering tools to work and readapting sectors. Over the last six months, we gained 5% of market share according to IMS data. We have been on the right way and we will increase our participation on the market.  Part of such success is due to the great performance of the sales reps, who have been trained and aim at the same goals we have, creating demand and providing effective work. Such success has been supported by training. The team might have the best promotional material and strategies, but if they are not properly trained they do not reach the goals. 


Top Team: With such changes, which products had the biggest growth?


Siqueira: Aptamil 1 and 2, which focus on the first year of the baby and Pregomin, which is consumed by children who are allergic to milk presented the biggest growth on sales within this year. The other products also had a good performance, though.


Top Team: Marcelus, you worked for several years for the pharmaceutical industry, at Abbott, AstraZeneca and Boehringer, for instance. Was the knowledge you acquired in this segment used to promote the most outstanding transformations in structure and methods of work at Support?


Siqueira: Absolutely. I consider the pharmaceutical industry a school as it helps optimizing and acquiring knowledge. The background I have due to this segment really contributed to my professional career. However, the children´s formula segment is different even though we also work with high quality and standard products. 


Top Team: Support´s  physician sales team project has been represented by Rent Power & Rossetti Mk Sales Reps. In your opinion, what else must be done in order to have Support´s investment back?


Siqueira: This work had a beginning but it does not have an end. We have been doing it gradually by focusing on new areas, expanding the market, gaining market share and increasing sales. Thus, the return comes in parallel as the expansion just takes place when we reach our goals. 


Top Team: Therefore, can we say that expansion is part of the Support plans for 2007?  


Siqueira: Absolutely. Our main goal is to consolidate the products line in the regions we have worked in, besides spreading the coverage expansion of our team. We have been on the right way and results couldn´t be better. 


Top Team: Finally, could you evaluate the partnership between Support and Rent Power & Rossetti Mk Sales Reps?


Siqueira: Rent Power & Rossetti Mk Sales Reps is a strong company in the sales segment (CSO). I am sure that this partnership is on the right way. Results have been great Rent Power & Rossetti Mk Sales Reps is willing to discuss strategies and orientations.