25º CIOSP - International Congress of Dentistry of São Paulo
Date: January 27,  2007.
Place: São Paulo.
Telephone:  55 0800-128555


II Latin-American Congress of Autoimmunity
Date: January 28, 2007.
Place: Rio de Janeiro
Telephone: 55 (21) 3974-2012


Competitive Energetic Management
Date: March 13,  2007.
Place: São Paulo
Telephone: 55 (11) 3897-9779


Brazilian Society of Pneumology and Tisiology
Site: http://www.sbpt.org.br
Address: SEPS 714/914 - Bloco E - Sala 220/223 - Asa Sul
City: Brasília - DF
Zip code: 70.390-145
E-mail: sbpt@sbpt.org.br


Brazilian Society of Nefrology
Site: http://www.sbn.org.br
Address: Rua Machado Bittencourt, 205 - 5º andar - conj. 53
City: São Paulo - SP
Zip Code: 04044-000
E-mail: secret@sbn.org.br


Medicine Brazilian Society
Site: http://www.sbcm.org.br
Address: Rua Botucatu, 572 - cj. 112
City: São Paulo - SP
Zip Code: 04023-061
E-mail: sbcm@sbcm.org.br


"Living is drawing without having an eraser"
(Millor Fernandes)


"Appraisals are where you get together with your team leader and agree what an outstanding member of the team you are, how much your contribution has been valued, what massive potential you have and, in recognition of all this, would you mind having your salary halved".
(Theodore Roosevelt)

What do you expect for the pharmaceutical industry in 2007?






resultado parcial...


“I want to thank all attention with the entity and I liked so much the news article. Congratulations and a hug for you all.”
Sonia Orestes,
president of Grupemef andservices of marketing of Schering Brazil.



“I read in Top Team that Júlio Dias was promoted for senior manager. I would like to congratulate him.”
Artur Guimarães, of the Sanavita Brazil.



“I liked to know that Júlio Dias was promoted for senior manager. Congratulations.”
Sergio Luiz Cardoso. Commercial manager of the Marketing Ware Brasil.



 “The news article about stress was very informative”
Ana Maria Rossi, president of International Stress Management Association.



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Renata Monteiro Schiffler.



 “It would like to congratulate Júlio Dias for this victory”
Carlos Eduardo.



“I like very much the Top Team. A hug for Carlos Aguiar, of the Johnson & Johnson.”
Alaor dos Santos, representante de vendas.



“Thank you to send me the Top Team”.
Paulo Fernando, manager of Meltec Comércio & Representações Ltda.



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