25º CIOSP - International Congress of Dentistry of São Paulo
Date: January 27,  2007.
Place: São Paulo.
Telephone:  55 0800-128555


II Latin-American Congress of Autoimmunity
Date: January 28, 2007.
Place: Rio de Janeiro
Telephone: 55 (21) 3974-2012


Competitive Energetic Management
Date: March 13,  2007.
Place: São Paulo
Telephone: 55 (11) 3897-9779


Brazilian Society of Pneumology and Tisiology
Site: http://www.sbpt.org.br
Address: SEPS 714/914 - Bloco E - Sala 220/223 - Asa Sul
City: Brasília - DF
Zip code: 70.390-145
E-mail: sbpt@sbpt.org.br


Brazilian Society of Nefrology
Site: http://www.sbn.org.br
Address: Rua Machado Bittencourt, 205 - 5º andar - conj. 53
City: São Paulo - SP
Zip Code: 04044-000
E-mail: secret@sbn.org.br


Medicine Brazilian Society
Site: http://www.sbcm.org.br
Address: Rua Botucatu, 572 - cj. 112
City: São Paulo - SP
Zip Code: 04023-061
E-mail: sbcm@sbcm.org.br


"Living is drawing without having an eraser"
(Millor Fernandes)


"Appraisals are where you get together with your team leader and agree what an outstanding member of the team you are, how much your contribution has been valued, what massive potential you have and, in recognition of all this, would you mind having your salary halved".
(Theodore Roosevelt)

What do you expect for the pharmaceutical industry in 2007?






resultado parcial...



Romão Leal Jr.
Corporate Training Manager of
Castro Marques Group Brazil


Having 33 years of experience on the pharmaceutical industry, Leal Jr. trained and developed several sales teams. The executive already worked at Merck Sharp & Dohme, Knoll, Prodome, Ache Group, Cristália and at the moment he works for Castro Marques Group, which is formed by Biolab and União Química companies. Leal Jr. graduated in Social Communication and he majored in Public Relations from Faculdades Integradas Rio Branco.


A Book:  The Artful Manager, by Peter Drucker.

A Hobby: Recording and listening to music.


A Lucky Number: 8.

A city to Visit: Miami.

A Political Party: none.

A Current Challenge: to consolidade the Department of Corporate Training at Castro Marques Group.

A Future Challenge: to write a book telling stories about the sales rep occupation and the pharmaceutical industries.


Clair Vasconcelos Hafermann
Coordinator of Solvay Farma Brazil
Bidding at an Auction


Clair started his career at Phillips Brazil and in 1993 she was hired by Solvay Farma, where she had several positions until she was promoted to bidding at an auction coordinator. Nowadays, she is in charge of all the sales management to the government, which includes editals, proposals, negotiations with customers and participation in  auctions.





A book: Arte da Estratégia (The Strategy Art), by Carlos Alberto Julio.


A Hobby:  Street dance classes.


A Lucky Number: 27.


A City to Visit:  Santiago,  Chile.


A Political Party: Nowadays it is not worth voting.


A Current Challenge: to structure the public sector

of the company I work for.


A Future Challenge: to keep on sharpening my knowledge.