Stefan Prebil

Emerging countries: current challenges

Stefan Prebil, director of business development for emergent countries of pharmexx International

The great experience in the medicine sector has been acquired throughout the last 20 years, after working for seven years as a sales rep in a small company in Switzerland. Stefan Prebil has worked in different positions within the pharmaceutical industry: he worked as a product and commercial manager for Caucasian countries and Central Asia; after that he returned to Switzerland where he worked as an Oncology and Anesthetics line manager. He also worked as a general manager in Switzerland for Sandoz.

Ping Pong

Ivan Dannias, Majored in Economic Sciences from Universidade Federal Fluminense and Company Management from PUC-RJ, he founded the Dannias Consultancy and Training Ltd in 2000, a company specialized in business expansion and introduction of new pharmaceutical companies into the Brazilian market.

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Novo Nordisk

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