Is medical detailing an efficient promotion way?
it depends on the product.
parcial result...


Zodiac bets on prostate cancer
Zodiac Pharmaceutical Products has recently launched a medicament able to reduce the production of testosterone which prevents the patients from having an increase in the prostate tumor. According to the company, they expect to sell about R$ 1.7 million of the product in 2007.


SEM Medicament grows 50%

Gerovital, by EMS-Sigma Farma, had a sales increase of 50% between 2005 and 2006. Thst great result is due to a new company´s strategy for the product, which is composed by calcium, ferrous sulfate, fosfate and Ginseng.



Roche Presidente wins a prize

Ernest Egli, a Swiss with Brazilian citizenship, was praised with the title Cidadão Paulistano (Citizen from São Paulo), offered by the Municipal Chamber of Sao Paulo. He graduated in Business Administration and Economy and has doctorate in Marketing from St Gallen University. Egli is graduated in Strategic Marketing from Harvard Business School in the USA.



Zambon celebrates 100

Zambon Laboratories celebrated the company´s hundredth anniversary by announcing that they will invest in the Brazilian branch in the next few years. Such strategy is part of the 30 Tutti Challenge Campaign that intends to double Zambon income by 2008 besides reaching the 30ª place in the national ranking of the pharmaceutical industry.



Cristália´s New Presentation

The Prosigne, botulinum toxin type A from Cristália, can now be found in 50U. According to the company, this new presentation has a reduced volume and the physician does not need to have two or three patients at least to apply it.



Sandoz prizes suppliers

Sandoz, patent-free medicaments division at Novartis Group, promoted the 11ª edition of the Suppliers Qualification System (SQS). Eighty companies tried it although only twenty two were prized.



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