Professional Profile

MSD Commercial Unit Manager, Francisco G. Sette


Majored in Business Administration and Post Graduation in Marketing from ESPM, Francisco G. Sette worked as an auditor at Arthur Andersen for four years. After this experience, he started his professional activities at MSD, where he has worked for twenty years - ten in the financial department and the other ten in the commercial one.

Book: The Shadow of the Wind, by Carlos Ruiz Zafon, a Spanish writer who has a special way of writing.

Lucky Number: Certainly number 7, as it is even part of my name (Sete - seven in Portuguese).

Hobby: I like playing tennis and riding my motorcycle.

City to Visit: New York. A very beautiful and charming city. Cosmopolitan indeed.

A quotation: "Who can't understand the eyesight can't understand a whole explanation ". Arabic Proverb

An Idol: Ayrton Senna from Brazil. A person who taught us about patriotism.

Political Party: I partly agree with PSDB. However, I do admit that there are other political parties whose ideas please me.

Current Challenge: Taking care of Commercial Unit in this particular moment, as a merge is about to take place.

Future Challenge: Having my own career plan, that is, out of the company. A plan that allows me to live with my beloved family.


Regional Account Manager of Torrent do Brasil, Jupiara Janaina Canhoto


Majored in Law. Specialization: Commercial Management from FGV. Has worked in sales for over 15 years. Started in the Pharmaceutical Industry in 97 in the following positions: Sales rep, account manager and regional account manager in charge of Torrent's revenue in Brazil. I am proud of being one of the company's launching pioneers in Brazil.

Book: The World is Flat, by Thomas Friedman

Lucky Number: 7

Hobby: Playing chess

City to visit: Serra da Canastra - Minas Gerais

A quotation: "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." Aristotles (I like this quote since I was in college studying Law)

An Idol: My brother Fernando (at the age of twenty he is studying Medicine at USP)

Political Party: None

Current Challenge: Search for knowledge that will make me able to keep growing in my career and aggregating value to my company.

Future Challenge: Plan B (my boss knows which one it is). If he allows it and if I deserve it.

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