PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY: National company stands out in the research scenario

The increasing investment in the national pharmaceutical industries for research and products development, crucial to the activities maintenance, is one of the main factors for the growing takeovers - which, since 1999, have already been thirteen - with values over US$ 15 billion. It is a fact that to make just one product, the process ? which takes from ten to twelve years ? must start by analyzing around five to ten thousand chemical compounds. By means of such operations, those companies try to increase the products pipelines or diversify business, while make Brazil stand out in the research scenario. In this issue, the Research, Development and Innovation director at Cristália Produtos Químicos Farmacêuticos, Roberto Debom, talks about advancement, investment and projects.

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The industrial manager of Almeida Prado Homeopathic Laboratory and researcher at the National Counsel of Technological and Scientific Development, Ezequiel Paulo Viriato, talks to us about an updated and relevant issue to both healthcare professionals and the population: integrative medicine, which also represents the treatment of dengue.

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