The physician is one of our main channels of communication

Mara Pezzotti, Marketing and Sales Director at Weleda Mara Pezzotti, Marketing and Sales Director at Weleda, speaks about the company strategies, present in Brazil since 1959 in the main pharmacy chains , counting with 14 pharmacies in several cities all over Brazil and with an eye on the expanding Brazilian market.

Highly experienced in marketing strategies, this Professional started working in the planning department and customer services at an advertising agency. Then, she worked for five years in the Marketing department at Kimberly Clark and 11 in the same area at Unilever. Working for three years at Weleda, Mara explains that "the medical detailing is the first step towards the market as the physician is an opinion maker. Both our drugs and our cosmetics own therapeutic features."

How the company Weleda came to Brazil?
Weleda is the only brand in Brazil able to display the BDHI Certified Natural Cosmetics Seal. The company was set up in 1921, in Switzerland, when they started with Biodynamic farming methods to cultivate natural ingredients in Germany, England, France, Holland, Europe and North America.
Known for its expertise in making 100% natural products, the Swiss brand will offer within the next months to the Brazilian consumers the new pomegranate line, with strong anti-oxidant properties taken from its seeds that help promote cell renewal and regeneration.

The Weleda seems to have directed its efforts to medical detailing, which the strategy used today?
The main strategy of the company is to promote their products by investing in physicians as a communication channel with the consumer. "The physician is an opinion maker and that´s where everything begins. Besides drugs, Weleda also counts on a wide range of cosmetics products with therapeutic purposes. This way, the physician is one of our main channels of communication", explains Mara.

How the Brazilian market is seen by Weleda? There is a specific policy for emerging markets?
According to the Marketing director of the company, there is a particular policy for emerging countries. "Brazil is one of the global targeted countries for Weleda, together with the United States and Japan. The organic products market is still small here. Weleda has huge experience in that market for over 80 years and as such concept is new here, there´s still a lot to be cultivated", sums up Mara.

The Weleda has in its DNA the enhancement of environmental conservation and health. How does this affect the business environment of Weleda?
Weleda actively protects ecology and stewards conservation, which directly affects the company´s business environment. "It influences all the chain. It's something that's cultivated right from the earth: biodynamic and organic plow and harvest, the manufacturing process and the final product. All Weleda products are 100% natural, no synthetic preservative, no synthetic fragrances, no synthetic chemicals, no synthetic anything and no animal testing", says Mara.
In order to be totally organic, the products approval must use natural, high-quality ingredients, obtained whenever possible from controlled organic cultivation or controlled organic wild collection. We aim to use only the purest wild-crafted, organically and Biodynamically® cultivated ingredients for our products. Toxins, additives and raw materials from mineral oils simply won't do. They have to work with your body's own ability to heal, restore well-being and impart radiance. So to ensure the ingredients maintain their innate potency, we harvest them quickly, then process them as little as possible, taking excellent care of them along the way.

How to Weleda explores this "competitive advantage"?
It is the only brand in Brazil within this segment to have products bearing the German BDIH Seal for "Certified Natural Cosmetics" and NaTrue. Located in Switzerland, and present in over 50 countries worldwide and in Brazil since 1959, Weleda products are distributed by pharmacies chain, in several cities in Brazil - seven only in São Paulo - and by the main homeopathic and drugstores nationwide.
The new pomegranate line will be available on the market in October 2010, and it will be a great help to promote cell renewal and regeneration.

What are the major current challenges of Weleda?
To Mara, the next Weleda challenge in Brazil will be "to become increasingly accessible to the final consumer and recognized by physicians", she concludes.

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