How many distinct sales teams act in your company working with medical detailing?
only one
two to three
more than three

Medical Detailing Market

By offering state-of-the-art technologies and with growth of 17% to the year, pioneer company conquered excellent indices and overtakes 11,000 sales reps managed throughout their existence.
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Consultants tell us how a takeover process takes place on the pharmaceutical market.


Professional Profile

Rogério Puglia Sanchez

Sales Force and Market Intelligence Manager at Medley
Lygia Imbelloni

Products Manager at União Química

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Up Grade

Dr. Reddy´s hires two executives.
Zambon hires marketing manager.
Pfizer enlarges operational team.
Aché hires group manager.
Renato Mott goes into Medley.
Drogaria São Paulo changes directorate board.
Jean Ferreira goes to Baxter.

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Medical Detailing

Specialist shows how is possible to have a good communication and to reach resulted positive.



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