What really brings happiness in the business world?
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"Fractionated medicines would stimulate fraud"

During an exclusive interview to Top Team, Orlando Famá Junior, director-president of the Indian multinational Torrent in Brazil, says that he is concerned about the fraction policy and warns: “while such practice does not become mandatory, we won´t take it.”



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Career Plan

Alex Gelinski, a career consultant, gives some tips on how to get ahead professionally



Profissional Profile

Eduardo Bertaska

Purchasing Department at Sanofi-Aventis

Frances Nebo
Product Manager at Baldacci Laboratory

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How to be happy?


What really brings happiness in the business world? The expert Paulo Araújo gives us some tips


Ping Pong

Five topics to Mário Grieco,including the next changes at Bristol


Up Grade

Novo Nordisk hires Coracini Bayer CropScience has new manage
pharmexx Brazil invests on HR
Weyth introduces director
GE Healthcare promotes changes
Hospital Santa Helena has new chief officer

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Culture Hints


Culture Hints from Brazil